EDITdx: Aquaponic Demo System

A fully functioning aquaponics installation was designed and built as an educational exhibit for the EDITdx design festival. The 10-day event showcased design, innovation, and technology that aspires to tackle the world’s pressing issues. WaterFarmers partnered with the University of Guelph’s Gryph Energy Lab and the Hagen AquaLab for the installation. Our system was highlighted by the CBC as one of the “5 design innovations that just might change the world”, using a novel airlift pump.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Date: October 2017

Client: Design Exchange

Partners: FloNergia, Intravision, Gryph Energy

Scope: 100 sq. ft. mobile exhibit, 400 gallon fish tank, 48 sq. ft. of grow beds

Services: Design, Installation and Fabrication, Education