Rainwater Harvesting

Whether you want to decrease your footprint using simple rainwater irrigation on your garden, or save money on your water bill with a year round fully potable rainwater collection system, we can help…

WaterFarmers UAI installs rainwater collection systems from residential to commercial scales, whether your needs are for potable water, irrigation supply, or stormwater management. We work closely with owners, facility managers, and contractors to ensure your system is installed professionally, to specification, and on time. We will help you to identify and apply for rainwater harvesting rebates or stormwater reduction credits to increase your return on investment. Our partners at Clean-Flo have decades of experience providing custom building code compliant designs and equipment for all sizes of rainwater harvesting systems.

There are many reasons you may want a rainwater harvesting system at your home or business. You may be motivated by environmental reasons, lack access to water distribution, lack access to groundwater, be required by law to retain stormwater on site, or enticed by the increasing number of jurisdictions offering subsidies. Municipalities are increasing water and treatment fees year over year, and many are adding stormwater fees based on property size. Some provide reduced rates for industry and institutions based on establishing water conservation plans. Building performance certification programs, such as LEED, BREEAM and others offer credits for implementing rainwater collection.

We are sponsors of the Canadian Association for Rainwater Management, and are one of the first organizations to initiate training under new CSA standards. Our installation supervisor has undergone hands-on training in on-site sewage system installation at the University of Guelph.